Who Is Eligible?


First ask your manager if you’re eligible for TimCare Flex.

If you’re eligible, you can cover yourself, plus:

  • Your spouse:  Person you are married to or have been living with in a common-law relationship for at least twelve months
  • Your dependent children: Your natural, adopted, or step children who are:
    • Younger than 21 years old

    • Younger than 25 years old (younger than 26 for Health Coverage in Québec) and attending school full-time

    • Physically or mentally disabled


When you enrol, you will have four coverage levels to choose from:

Team Member Only: Just you
Couple: You and your Spouse
Single Parent: You and your child or children
Family: You, your spouse, and your child or children

If you are eligible for TimCare and live in Québec, provincial law requires that you choose health coverage for yourself and all your eligible dependents, unless you and your dependents have coverage through another non-provincial plan (another plan other than RAMQ).


family full

family full

What Are My Benefit Options?